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  • GUARDIAN (James McDonald Hudson, secret)
Affiliations: Solo D8, Buddy D6, Team D10
Distinctions: Computerized Mind, Department H Founder, Weapon Alpha
Power Sets:
Electromagnetic Control D10, Enhanced Durability D8, Gravity Control D8, Gravity Shunt (Teleport) D8, Enhanced Strength D8,
Supersonic Flight D10
SFX: Energy Absorption. On a successful reaction against an energy-based attack action, convert opponent’s effect die into
a Guardian Battlesuit stunt or step up a Guardian Battlesuit power until used in an action. If opponent’s action succeeds,
spend 1 PP to use this SFX.
SFX: Electromagnetic Force Field. Spend 1 PP to ignore physical stress or trauma unless caused by mystical attacks.
SFX: Immunity. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications caused by chemicals, cold, heat, pressure, radiation,
or vacuum.
SFX: Multipower. Add more than one Guardian Battlesuit power die to a pool. Step back each Guardian Battlesuit power die in
that pool once for each die beyond the first.
SFX: Plasma Vortex. Against multiple targets, for every additional target add a d6 and keep an additional effect die.
'Limit: Go West. The Gravity Shunt Power can propel Guardian only westward. If used close to a planets magnetic poles step up
Gravity shunt by one.
Limit: System Overload. After using the Energy Absorption SFX, gain an Overload complication equal to the opponent’ effect
die to gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity to step down Overload complication by one, or during a Transition Scene. If Overload
complication exceeds D12 destroy Guardian Battlesuit and deal D12 physical Stress to self and direct surroundings.
Limit: System Failure. Shutdown a Guardian Battlesuit power to gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity to recover.
Cybernetic Senses D6, Enhanced Stamina D8
SFX: Boost. Shutdown highest-rated Guardian Battlesuit power to step up another Guardian Battlesuit power. Activate an
opportunity to recover or during a Transition Scene.
SFX: Focus. If your pool includes a Qwrlln Cyborgification power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one
stepped-up die.
SFX: Immunity. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications caused by psychic powers.
SFX: Sensor Suite. Spend 1 PP to add Cybernetic Senses (or step up if already in your pool) and reroll all dice on a
Limit: Alien Cybernetics. When you take mental or emotional stress, change any Qwrlln Cyborgification power into a 
complication to gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover that power.
Specialties: Tech Master D10, Bureaucracy Expert D8, Combat Expert D8, Science Expert D8
  • Milestones:
1 XP - When you represent your countries qualities in the media, or to foreign heroes.
3 XP - When you take stress attempting to change Canada for the better.
10 XP - When you either take a prominent position in the Canadian government or military or set the Guardian mantle aside,
declaring someone else more fit for the job of fighting for Canada.
1 XP - When you take down a wanted criminal or fugitive.
3 XP - When you fight a threat to the Canadian people.
10 XP - When you either bring in another hero wanted by the authorities or refuse and become a fugitive yourself.